China Best Sales Vetical Gear Hobbing Machine Can Process Diameter 500mm and 5 Module Gear with Great quality

Product Description

Direct generate large velocity CNC 5-axis equipment hobbing machine for .5mm to 5mm module


one.Built-in chip conveyor style to help save room

2.Method cylindrical, helical and small taper drum gears, which can effortlessly understand 45 angle tooth profile processing.

three.Substantial pace straight driven servo motor equips with B and C axis, enhance machining precision and machining effectiveness a lot

4.Primary casting of equipment mattress and column are made of Mehana large-strength composition and equipped with rectangular massive-surface area plastic-coated guide rail.The construction is compact, dynamic and static.

5.Machine’s driven chain is brief to make certain precision, which can reach Quality six

six.Spindle adopts high-electrical power servo motor, which can comprehend constant torque stepless speed alter in the rated pace selection.

Machine Parameter Description

Description   Parameter Unit
Processing capability Coordinate Axis Quantity five axis
Processing gear kind spur gear,helical equipment, worm wheel, spline
Procision Mass Creation Grade 7 (GB/T10095-2008)
Workpiece Maximal diameter 500 mm
Maximal cylindrical helical gear diameter 370 (Helix angle 30°)
250 (Helix angle 45°)
Minimal module .5 mm
Maximal module five mm
Maximal encounter width 350 mm
Enamel selection ≥10 enamel
Tool Maximal CZPT speed one thousand r/min
Maximal instrument length one hundred twenty mm
Maximal hob diameter a hundred and twenty mm
Resource arbor  diameter 22,27,32 mm
Tool procision accuracy ≤10 mm
Hob shifting Computerized  
Hob shifting vacation a hundred and fifty mm
Spindle Z-slid vacation five hundred mm
Hob head swivel  angle ±45 °
Turntable Z-slide journey 180 mm
Turntable diameter 150 mm
Turntable maximal rpm 240 r/min
Power Main motor electrical power fifteen KW
Total electricity 28.5 KW
Size&Bodyweight Floor area 2200x2300x2800 mm
Machine weight 3000 kg

The images of equipment

Processing gear by this device

Protection PROVISIONS: Worm drives ought to not be utilised as a locking system to safe hefty objects, which may result in injury or damage throughout reverse action. In non-probably hazardous applications, self-locking is required to avoid reverse rotation, and then a low-pitch one-threaded worm is utilised to immediately lock the worm equipment to avert reverse rotation.
The gear ratio of the worm equipment set is determined by dividing the quantity of teeth of the equipment by the number of threads. Therefore, one thread yields increased ratios than multithreading. All ep worm equipment bushings have still left or proper thread. ep worm gear sets are obtainable in one, double, triple and quadruple threads.

China Best Sales Vetical Gear Hobbing Machine Can Process Diameter 500mm and 5 Module Gear     with Wonderful high quality