China Professional Chinese Supplier Alloy Steel Cold Forging Spur Gear with Gear Shaping Machine near me manufacturer

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HangZhou CZPT Engineering Engineering Co., Ltd. founded in 2001 , Firm is located in the Chinese ancient city — HangZhou. Our firm has been engaged in generating custom made created engineering accessories, OEM/ODM spare parts and industrial components for several years, including sand casting parts and expense casting spare elements, forging components, sheet metal stamping spare parts, machined parts and plastic areas, which are commonly used in petrochemical, car, chemical, environmental security , equipment, construction, agriculture, aerospace, maritime hardware and other industries.



Classification: sizzling forging, chilly forging, open up die forging, die forging, ring rolling, warm forging, unique forging
Auto forging parts, Machinery forging parts,Hardware forging parts,Engineering forging parts , boats and ships forging part etc.
Apply material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel,Copper, Brass etc.
Main processes: 1.Heating furnace, 2.Forging press,3.Normalizing 4.Machining,5.surface treatment (every work process have the strictly quality inspection and control
Mold design: According to the samples or drawing, we have the special moulds making plant for the developing and designing new products as the customer’s demand.
Production capacity: Weight range 0.1-25kg product, max length around 60cm. annual output 6000 tons.
Samples &pattern time: 20-35 days, we will track the samples with whole range.
Machining: Turning, milling, drilling, grinding, threading, CNC machining etc.
Surface Finishing: Sand blasting, polishing, plating, acid treatment, anodizing, painting etc.




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Worm gears are proper angle drives that offer massive gear ratios with relatively limited center-to-middle distances from 1/4″ to 11″. When appropriately put in and lubricated, they provide as the quietest, smoothest-operating equipment variety. Simply because worm gear drives can achieve substantial gear ratios, maximum reduction can be reached in a more compact room than numerous other varieties of equipment drives. The worm and worm gear operate at a 90° angle on non-intersecting axes.
Specified pitches and sales opportunities of the worm do not enable the worm gear to generate the worm. This is beneficial when the software needs to lock the output if the application is managing in the opposite direction. When the helix angle is less than 5°, the worm is self-locking. When the helix angle is better than 10°, the worm can be driven back. Worm and worm gear assemblies must be mounted on vertical, non-intersecting shafts.

China Professional Chinese Supplier Alloy Steel Cold Forging Spur Gear with Gear Shaping Machine     near me manufacturer